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=Welcome the Community=


Please look at our FAQ before posting.

=Nendoroid Help=
Good Smile Company-Nendoroid Section:
     The official site for Nendoroids. The site has all of the Nendoroids that can be purchased at any time. In the Nendoroid section of the site also has a smaller Nendoriods that come in blind boxes. Has official release dates and pictures of all the face plates that come with the Nendoriod.

    A more complete listing of all toys that are avaliable, this includes limiteds that are Post an Entryonly at special events. The most common special event is "Wonder Fest" (a toy convention). Although it has all releases, not all releases have pictures.

=Where To Buy=
     Just type in "Nendoroid" into the search engine. Everyone of the Nendoroids are reasonably priced compared to the original Japanese price.

Yahoo Japan Auctions Nendoroid Search:

     A search for Nendoroid on Yahoo Japan Auctions. You need to use a shopping service like "Crescent Shop" or "Celga" but sometimes you can find deals. Also on Yahoo Japan Auctions you can find many Nendoroids that are only avaliable at Wonder Fest or that are currently out of print.

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