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-Nendoroid 2009 Schedueled Release Dates-

Here is a list of all the Nendoroids that were announced in 2008 and have a planned 2009 release date:

Kaito (from Volcanoid) release 2/2009
Pixel Martian (from Magical Marine Pixel Martian) release 3/2009
     *This is a Hobby Japan release and only avaliable at hobby japan and a few other places
Miyuki Takara and Tsukasa Hiiragi (from Lucky Star) 3/2009
     *These are normal character release versions
Nozomi Itoshiki (from Goodbye Proffesor Despair +sayonara zetsubou sensei+)  release 3/2009
Rin Kokonoe (from Kid's Time +kodomo no jikan+) release 4/2009
Louise (from The Familar of Zaro: The Princess' Rondo) 4/2009
     *Planned with Hobby Stock this might be avaliable with only Hobby Stock... will update with more info when it's avaliable.

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