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nendoriod_fun's Journal

Nendoroid-Good Smile Company Awesome Chibi Figures
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Nendoriod made by Good Smile Company
Nendoroid are made by "Good Smile Company" and they are small but cute figures with features that are chibi like. They have interchangeable head plates and are from different anime/manga series. They are only about 14cm tall a piece.

~Trading parts is allowed but no straight out selling of items, please take it elsewhere like a personal journal or message.
~Image posts need to be under cut. One preview picture of 400x400 is allowed but everything else is under the cut.
~If you are doing a modification project please post up process pictures so we can all see how your nendoroid evolved.
~Please keep it to a PG-13 level
~If someone posts something you don't like don't complain about it, you clicked the link, it's your fault.
~Intros are always welcome
~You do not need to have any nendoroid toys to be in the community, all are welcome.

~Please tag image posts with your name and type of story. (i.e. gag, romance...ect)
~"Yaoi" is permitted but please mark your post with a warning so that people may look away. (yaoi is in quotes because I am used the westernized meaning to it and not the actual Japanese classification for the word)
~Though it's okay to have other toys/dolls in the picture please make the main focus of the picture/story about the nendoroid.

=Contests and Photo Challenges=
Every once in a while there will be either a contest or a photo challenge.

A contest will be announced every once in a while. These contests will have a theme and there will be a prize. Contest judging will be done by the community as a whole and everyone gets a chance to participate in one way or another. Contests may or may not have prizes.

+Photo Challenges+
Taking a fun theme and running with it. A challenge will be issued every month and will have a random theme, vague enough that anyone can interpret it in anyway possible. Members of the community may voice out a potential photo challenge theme. Just contact a moderator.